Tweed Resources

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TOOLS & PRINTABLES: Compendium of Academic Verbs, Critique Me cover-page template, Writer-at-Work door tag

DISSERTATION-TO-BOOK GUIDES: Step-by-step guides to revising a dissertation into a book manuscript (new editions coming soon!)

WRITING PROGRESS ADMINISTRATION: Computer wallpaper and printable posters to motivate writers


Tools & Printables


Working-from-Home Door Tags

PDFs available in color and mono. To reinforce, print on card stock—or mount on a manila folder!

Tweed’s Ever-Expanding Compendium of Academic Verbs

PDF of 250 verbs useful for discussing scholarship (state, advocate, problematize, elucidate, etc.)



Critique Me

A customizable form to use as a cover sheet when sending drafts to friends and colleagues for feedback

Scholarly Resolution Form

Fill in this certificate to solidify your scholarly resolutions. Any time of year is a great time to think about the reasons for a goal, break it down into steps, decide on resources to consult, and commit to rewarding yourself for achieving it.

Writer-at-Work Door Tag Template

PDF, 3 to a page (give extras to friends and colleagues)


Tweed establishes the Writing Progress Administration to put writers back to work! Initiatives include recasting writing as public work, skill-building, and professional training. Authors are the backbone of a critical and informed society and therefore deserve relief—even if it takes the form of computer wallpapers and printable posters.

Below is a smattering of the WPA’s pro-writer propaganda; visit the blog for all WPA productions.

And don’t forget about the Tweed blog!

2013 Will Be Sheer Brilliance

The best thing about the academy is the academic community. Thanks for being mine. I'm truly delighted that our work together advances your publication goals and your scholarly career. And your research is my greatest source of intellectual challenge and enrichment....

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From Common Sense to Winter Genius

One of an editor's jobs is cultivating in authors the habit of planning ahead. It makes sense: to get the most out of my services, you have to have the time to engage them in the first place. But budgeting time and funds are strengths not necessarily associated with...

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Trick or Tweed?

Happy Halloween, everybody! And stay safe—especially if you're in the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. I know it's only October, but if you need any editing in December or January, now's the time to start a conversation with me. I'd love to hear about what you're...

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Put a Badge on It

A few chillier days in Portland have made something abundantly clear to me: summer may be over. Part of me doesn't want to concede that it's already the traditional time to hit the books, to start new intellectual projects, and to redouble efforts toward goals. As...

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