Develop Your Manuscript

Sharpen your ideas and shape the structure of your argument.

Book Proposals

To put together your book proposal for an academic press, you must anticipate the priorities of the acquisitions editor and present your manuscript as dynamic and timely. Tweed helps you make the pitch, including identifying your target readers and surveying the book’s market.

CVs & Applications

Whether the goal is an academic position, grant funding, or acceptance into your top-choice PhD program, strategic feedback is available for all types of academic application materials: cover letters, teaching philosophies, research proposals, CVs, and so forth.

R&R Support

When you are faced with the prospect of revising and resubmitting your journal article for publication, it’s key to understand clearly the feedback you’ve been given and proceed in a way that responds appropriately while making the most of your time and retaining the core intentions of your piece.

Meet the Editor

Katie Van Heest, PhD

Years of Tweed

After several years of freelance editing, Katie officially founded Tweed Editing LLC in 2010.

Clients Served

… and counting! Scholars from a very wide range of disciplines have worked with Tweed: literature, art, anthropology, history, cultural studies.

Institutions Represented

Tweed clients come from institutions all over the world: small liberal arts colleges, RU/VH universities, state schools, and the Ivy League alike.

Books in Print

Sixty-four publishers have issued books that Katie edited for Tweed clients.
Still more are in the pipeline, yet to be released.

I got my dream job that I worked for! Because of your help, five of the six papers I sent were accepted for publication—all in major journals—and that significantly boosted my candidacy. So thank you again for all the effort you put in, and I look forward to working with you on future projects.
K. H.

The journal will be moving ahead with publication! It seems that everything you touch ends up successfully being published. You have the magic touch! I am grateful not only for your careful edits but also the encouraging, constructive voice you always bring to your edits and feedback.

Associate professor, top-tier liberal arts college

I so appreciated your wonderful editing.  I just loved every minute of working with you.  I felt that you gave me the best version of all the thought that I had put into the manuscript.
Associate professor, public liberal arts college

I just talked with one of the Oxford University Press series editors about the manuscript I submitted to them. He indicated that not only is the research strong, but also that ‘the writing is so good, it really draws the reader in.’ I was thrilled when he told me that the series editors have recommended to Oxford that the manuscript be sent out for review! Thank you for being my teammate during every step of this manuscript’s production, from proposal to the draft sent out to reviewers. Your support gave me confidence and made the entire process fun!
Assistant professor, public research university

About Tweed

Katie Van Heest, PhD, trained in manuscript editing at the University of Chicago and earned her doctorate in religion from Claremont. Her favorite editing projects involve scholarly writers who have clear research trajectories and want to influence thinking both in their fields and beyond.

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