Revising Your Dissertation

It’s here! Again, for the First Time: Revising Your Dissertation is the third installment in TWEED’s Dissertation-to-Book series of guides.

The longest guide yet, this issue tackles five stages of revising your dissertation for publication:

  • Crafting a concept
  • Conducting extra research
  • Paring down
  • Organizing the material that remains
  • Polishing your style

You’ll begin to see your dissertation project in narrative terms and identify not only its concept but also its main characters and plot. No matter the subject, all scholarly books can capitalize on strategies normally associated with literature and creative nonfiction. Seriously.

Crack open Again, for the First Time: Revising Your Dissertation for some macro- and micro-level advice aimed at the junior scholar eager to publish.

Next up, The Curious Beasts that are Scholarly Presses & Acquisitions Editors! You’ll read about identifying publishers for your project and approaching them with savvy and excellent timing.

In the TWEED Library, find Guide No. 1: A Dissertation is an Auspicious Beginning and Guide No. 2: Envisioning Your Dissertation as Something Else Entirely.


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