You already know how important documentation is for academic writing. You want to give credit where credit is due, leave breadcrumbs for readers interested in following up on sources you used, and simply produce professional-looking writing. All of these aims are achieved by thorough, consistent, and clear documentation.

Good news! TWEED does Cite Management: editing, formatting, and wrangling your source documentation. Taking care of footnotes, parenthetical citations, and reference lists can all be so frustrating and time-consuming. Documentation is one area of scholarly writing that can be rather easily delegated to a professional, and doing so ultimately saves you a bundle in time, energy, and sanity.

You can hand the documentation portion of your writing projects over to TWEED. What’s vexing you?

  • Generating a bibliography, reference list, or works cited page from sources cited in your main-body text
  • Formatting citations: parenthetical, footnotes, endnotes
  • Managing subsequent notes: shortened references and instances of Ibid.
  • Locating proper citation paradigms for tricky sources: public documents, legal works, unpublished manuscripts, and online content
  • Handling ethnographic research
  • Elegantly combining citations and substantive notes
  • Formatting bibliographies (single-spaced but with double spacing between entries?!)
  • Double-checking references created by citation software (these programs make mistakes—and they rely on information being correctly input into their databases first)

All major scholarly citation styles are supported: Chicago, MLA, and APA.

TWEED can also standardize the treatment of headings and subheadings throughout your document(s), create tables of contents, and implement complex page numbering systems.

Hand over your thorniest, most tangled documentation projects! You’ll be relieved to be free of them, and TWEED will present you with professionally formatted citations and source lists tailored specifically to your work and your needs. Fast turnaround times are possible.


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