TWEED Edits Application Essays

The biggest mistake I made in applying to graduate schools was not having anyone—not a single soul—read over my personal statement. The second-biggest mistake may have been having only one personal statement rather than many, each tailored to a specific university and program.

It’s tempting not to share a draft of an application essay with friends, family, and colleagues. The stakes are high, the content can be quite revealing, and we already feel judged by virtue of the competition inherent in the admissions process.

But the personal statement exercise is anything but a straightforward, no-helpers-needed job. I think the trickiest part about admissions essays is precisely that you have to be both personal and professional. You need to tie together your life experiences with your occupational aspirations. It’s tempting to be too casual in tone; it’s easy to be overly formal. The appropriate balance is hard to strike.

With such a daunting task before you, be sure to take advantage of your network of willing readers, be they parents, best friends, and coworkers. When you want a seasoned set of eyes to look over your baby (that is, your personal statement), consider hiring a professional editor.

TWEED edits essays for applications to graduate school, law school, medical school, art school—you name the academic or professional program and I can help you out. With TWEED editing your personal statement, you get substantive direction on top of copyedited polish. I can’t know every target school and program, but I do know the key components of successful admissions statements and how to cover them all in one integrated short essay.

Having your personal statement edited may be the best little decision you make this fall. Discounted student rates are extended to aspiring students, so take advantage! Email me to discuss your goals.

TWEED Edits Essays for Grad, Med, Law, Art Schools