Dissertation-to-Book Guide: Inquiring Minds Want to Propose

It’s here: the fifth TWEED Dissertation-to-Book Guide, Inquiring Minds Want to Propose. In the previous guide, we discussed finding prospective publishers for book manuscripts. This installment goes through the next two phases of the dissertation-to-book process: initial inquiries directed to presses and then actual book proposals.

In this rich guide, you’ll learn etiquette for entering into discussions with multiple publishers and why stressing your manuscript’s originality can damage your chances for publication. Download the PDF here.

If you haven’t done so already, check out the first four guides in this series: A Dissertation is an Auspicious Beginning; Envisioning Your Dissertation as Something Else Entirely; Again, for the First Time: Revising Your Dissertation; and The Curious Beasts That Are Scholarly Presses & Acquisitions Editors. Find them in the TWEED resource library. Then sign up for TWEED’s email newsletter so that you stay on top of upcoming tools released for scholarly writers.

TWEED can help you navigate the journey from dissertation to book. There’s more information on the page dedicated to crafting your book.