Today I’m announcing a new service because I want to give academics the tools to make winning first impressions. The CV Diagnostic provides a detailed snapshot of your most important document, one that deserves to be looked over by a pair of trained eyes before you next send it out into the world.

If finely tuned, your curriculum vitae communicates who you are as a scholar and reflects the priorities of your audience. Whether you need to present yourself to a search committee at a teaching-focused liberal arts college or to a selection panel for a research fellowship, you want a robust CV that showcases your academic priorities and is free of missteps.

Or maybe you just need a solid CV framework so that, as your career progresses, you can easily add new accomplishments. The CV Diagnostic will help you organize information in a way that can grow and evolve as your career does.

Here’s what the CV Diagnostic gives you:

  • feedback on the crucial dimensions of your CV—organization, phrasing, consistency, clarity, coverage, and style
  • section-by-section constructive critique
  • concrete steps to make your presentation more successful
  • principles of effective CV construction

My aim is to make this service affordable and something that scholars at all stages can take advantage of. (Yes, it’s OK to end a sentence with a preposition, especially on a blog!)

For a low flat fee, I spend hours looking over your CV, deciphering its logic, assessing its ability to convey your academic life—that’s what curriculum vitae means, after all—and putting together a detailed report for you. You receive a packet with several pages of succinct, personalized feedback that you can put into action. I am always available for clarifications after you look over the report, too.

You’ll notice that the CV Diagnostic is not direct editing. I won’t be making changes to your CV itself. I do offer those services, but the diagnostic can stand alone. Its purpose is to show you where your CV succeeds and where it could be made stronger. When you receive my report, you will see exactly what you can do to shape up your treasured CV.

This is a unique service. Impersonal, untrained academic-editing mills offer basic CV writing and editing at much higher price points—but crafting your CV is not something that anyone else can do without your close involvement. TWEED’s CV Diagnostic respects your ownership of the CV and realizes that updating is not a one-time process. You’ll be adding to this document throughout your academic career. That’s why you need to be in the driver’s seat.

So, if you are ready to tune up your CV and you want a clear roadmap for doing so, sign up for the CV Diagnostic. All you have to do is send me an email indicating your interest and any questions you may have at the outset. Attach your CV right away if you wish, and we’ll get started.

NOTE: After over two years at an introductory price, this service is now regularly priced—and the flat fee is still deliberately within reach for early-career scholars and graduate students. Email me with the page length of your CV for a quote. (updated 6/25/13)