• Junior faculty, take a look at TWEED’s Dissertation-to-Book Guides: http://t.co/lVbvtYs #
  • The new ACLS Public Fellows program places recent PhDs in government and nonprofit staff positions (+ stipend, health) – http://t.co/f7wlPQq #
  • Academics share their tips for fighting writer’s block: http://t.co/5EEZWLS #
  • An MD-PhD makes a typographical poster out of his dissertation on cardiac arrhythmia: http://t.co/F6HSr5a #
  • I’m currently working with a historian, a cultural theorist, and a religionist. It’s exciting to be involved in projects that’ll make waves. #
  • If you’re having difficulty formatting an unusual source’s citation, check your bookshelves. Might any volumes have cited something similar? #

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