New About Page, Tweed Academic Editing

I’ve been rolling out some site updates over the past few weeks, and I’m excited to share them with you now.

First and foremost, Tweed’s home page has been revamped to include a central graphic that is both more dramatic and informative than the previous iteration. The explanatory text below the new image aids readability and therefore inclusivity.

New Tweed Academic Editing Home Page

The new about page explains how I got into academic editing and my commitment to advancing scholarship by working with writers like you. And there’s a brand-new image of me shot by none other than Posy Quarterman, a talented photographer who really captures the heart of her subjects. (Can’t you just see in my eyes how much I love academic editing?) Designer Jeff Hendrickson also contributed greatly to the recent site updates: he smartened up the header image that appears on every single page.

The services page and the resources page are easier to navigate, and I’ve added to the clients page so that it reflects more recent work. Please don’t forget about Tweed’s library of tools for scholarly writers. Feel free to share the complimentary resources with your colleagues. By sharing Tweed’s carefully created content, you help me in my mission to advance scholarship and scholarly writers.

You may also notice that I’ve begun using only an initial capital in the name of the practice: Tweed. The completely capitalized “TWEED” has always been, at its core, a design decision. The website header remains in all capitals, but I have switched to “Tweed” in running text. I think this is becoming of an established editing practice and makes copy more readable. Older elements of this website—previous blog entries, for example—will not be retroactively updated. I hope we can all learn to cope with the inconsistencies that this change introduces. I also hope that we can agree that “Tweed” is the way to go!

One more thing: look forward to more frequent blog posts from me. Most recently, I shared with you some of my trade tools—hyphenation tables—and I asked for your help in deciding what fiction book I should read on my vacation (starting Friday!).

Stay up to date with Tweed’s occasional email newsletter, Annotations, and have a lovely first week of June.