Institute for Signifying Scriptures - InscriptionsMy scrapbook is filling up with clippings this fall. First interviewed me, and now this: the Institute for Signifying Scriptures, my primary research affiliation from Claremont, profiles me and Tweed in the new fall issue of its newsletter, Inscriptions (PDF link).

ISS does what I consider truly groundbreaking work by shifting the study of scriptures away from texts and onto people, those individuals and communities who use scriptures (texts, performances, objects) for social, political, and psychological purposes. That’s the future of scriptural studies, and I’m proud to be a part of it.

My little blurb is on page 2. I encourage you to read further, because ISS is up to some really interesting stuff in the academy and culture.

I know I can’t wait for Vincent Wimbush’s upcoming book, White Man’s Magic: Scripture as Slavery (Oxford University Press, 2012). He has a way with wording, doesn’t he? A little teaser for the book (in the form of a lecture summary) can be found also on page 2 of Inscriptions.

Tweed Blurb ISSAs always, headshot image taken by Posy Quarterman, the best moment-capturing photographer around.