Now Booking for AugustNeed some scholarly editing this summer?

Summer 2012 is flashing before my eyes. It’s hardly the end of May, and I’m already thinking about August. University presses, professors, post-docs, and a dissertator or two have already marked up the June and July pages of my schedule.

The summer “break” is traditionally a time to get ahead on writing and publishing projects. Do you already know you’ll want some editing—developmental, line, copy, citation formatting, CV diagnostic, what have you—in late July or August?

Let me know soon so that I set aside time for you and your project.

Even if you don’t need my services, I’d love to hear what you’re working on this summer.

Sometimes making these ambitions public really solidifies our resolve, so consider yourself encouraged to comment below or send me an email summarizing your plans.

Long story short: now booking for August!

I’m booked through the third week of July for major, book-length projects (that includes dissertations), but I can add a few smaller (e.g., article-length) projects here and there in July, too.

Thanks for keeping me busy and intellectually engaged, everyone.

P.S. Check out the book I opportunistically quoted in the graphic—it’s a publication of the University of Missouri Press, which just announced its upcoming closure. Support a great institution, and expand your mind while you’re at it.