Thomas Piketty, Harvard University Press

I feel pretty good about Tweed’s graphic design when I see resonances between it and Harvard University Press books! If we compare the promotional banner for the new translation of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century and Tweed’s header design, it looks like they both use some form of the typeface Futura, outlined and in a very similar color palette (right down to the background hue, which I have not altered but blends almost seamlessly into my site’s default color scheme).


I don’t know whether this means my taste is standard issue or whether it signifies a timeless aesthetic, but the coincidence is fun. I do know that I could take some tips from the press in terms of negative space and complementary type weights.

And here’s another great-minds-think-alike situation involving Tweed and HUP. Like this most recent similarity, that previous graphic kinship involves the typeface Futura (or a close variant).

Tweed and Harvard University Press

Do check out Piketty’s book; I’m sure it’s fascinating!